Other Origin(s):Latin
Meaning:From Alba; White, fair; Upper world; High mountain
Alban is a masculine name of Latin origin related to the Latin name Albanus. Meaning "from Alba," Alban is tied to the ancient Roman city Alba, derived from the Latin _albus_ meaning "white" or "fair." Alban also has roots in Proto-Celtic languages from the prefix _alb-_ taken from _albiyu_, meaning "upper world" or "high mountain." This word was used to refer to snow-capped mountains, particularly those in Scotland—a place known historically as Alba, meaning "white." The moniker is also very popular in Switzerland, offering a possible nod to those stunning Swiss Alps and scenic vistas that the country is known for. Similarly, this geographically significant moniker could be a derivation of Albion, a poetic name for ancient England. The relationship between Switzerland and the United Kingdom goes back to the Middle Ages, perhaps leading to the popularity of this name and its informative meaning. Due to its association with many historical locations, Alban is a striking choice for parents who are particularly drawn to obscure place names.
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