Other Origin(s):Greek, Latin
Meaning:King of the Sabines; Giant
Tanita is a girl’s name of Russian, Latin, and Greek origin. It’s a variant of the Russian name Tanya, which may be a shortened form of either Tatiana or Titania. Tatiana is a Latin name deriving from Tatius, the name of a king who ruled over the Sabine tribe before they were conquered by the Romans. After the conquest, Tatius became a Roman clan name. Today, Tatiana is a popular name in Eastern Europe, most famously borne by Saint Tatiana, the patron saint of students. As for Titania, it derives from the Titans, a race of giants in Greek mythology. Shakespeare used it for the queen of fairies in his play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Boasting two impressive possible origins from ancient history, as well as connections to mythology and literature, you can’t go wrong with this pretty name!
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