Other Origin(s):Celtic, Dutch, German, Greek, Latin
Meaning:Little lord; Warrior; Arrow taker
Jodocus is a masculine name that has plenty of origins and meetings. It serves as a root for the Swiss-German names Joos or Jost and has a lovely, vintage tone to strengthen baby’s old soul. Thanks to its being a Swiss name, it’s no surprise that Jodocus' roots spread across Europe, from Celtic lands to Ancient Greece. With the centuries-long presence of Celtic tribes, the Roman Empire, and Greek influences, Switzerland’s names can have near-universal connections. Coming from the Breton name Judoc and the Latin name Iufocus, it translates to “little lord” and is a lovely way to inspire your little one’s future as a leader. If you’d prefer to give baby a name with a bit more edge, Jodocus also has Greek and Celtic connections, meaning “warrior” or “arrow taker.” Jodocus might even have ties to Judoc, connecting your little one to the Breton Saint. Whether you want to help baby connect to your faith or embrace their sharp wit and drive, the name Jodocus will make for a memorable choice.
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