Other Origin(s):French, German, Greek, Irish
Meaning:Teal; Victorious raven; From Cyrene; Black; Little dark one
Cyran is a gender-neutral name with origins in multiple languages. As a Polish name, Cyran is short for Cyranka, meaning “teal,” a cute small duck species with blue patches on its coat. Cyran may also derive from Cyrano, a French title from Old High German Sigiranno, meaning “victorious raven.” Cyran’s roots continue to grow as a Greek name meaning “from Cyrene,” an ancient Greek colony in Libya. Cyran may also be a respelling of the Irish name Ciarán, meaning “black” or “little dark one.” Abundant in origins and beautiful in pronunciation, Cyran is a meaningful name with a variety of roots baby can choose to resonate with.
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