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Jackie Gutmann, MD, reproductive endocrinologist, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia
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Allergy Shots And Getting Pregnant?

Can allergy shots affect my chances of getting pregnant?

If you’ve got allergies and you’re trying to conceive, don’t worry. There’s really no good data to support the idea that allergy shots can interfere with your fertility or have any negative effects on conception. The shots — which typically contain small doses of allergens to help desensitize your body to their negative effects — may expose you to elements like pollen or animal dander, but that’s no worse for fertility than what you’re already exposed to on a daily basis. There’s no specific allergen or evidence that allergies can cause problems with fertility or with the development of your baby. So go ahead, feel free to breathe easy even during ragweed season, if that should be your trigger. You, and your baby, will be fine.

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