Best of Baby Unique Standout: Canopy Humidifier

Combat sniffles with this game-changing humidifier designed with anti-mold technology.
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Updated September 21, 2022
Canopy Humidifier
Image: The Bump | Canopy
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And the Winner Is: Canopy Humidifier

When the weather gets chilly, parents tend to crank up the heat at home. After all, nobody wants their baby to feel chilly. But central heating can lead to dry, stale air which aggravates respiratory issues in infants. Sticking a humidifier in baby’s room can help combat dry air and alleviate a stuffy nose or cough. But excess moisture may lead to a build-up of mold or mildew in poorly ventilated spaces. The answer to this conundrum? The Canopy Humidifier. This game-changing product is the first anti-mold humidifier to hit the market. It emits clean, filtered air and doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser. Best of all: It’s dishwasher safe. Is it any wonder this product has been pegged as a unique standout two years in a row?

What We Love:

  • It’s the only mold-inhibiting humidifier on the market. Smart sensors keep running until all the water has evaporated from inside—and without moisture, mold can’t grow. As an added layer of protection, the water passes through a UV light that zaps 99.9 percent of mold, bacteria and viruses

  • Canopy can help alleviate nasal congestion and other symptoms of colds, flu or allergies—meaning baby can breathe easier and enjoy a restful night’s sleep

  • Paper filters capture dust and other particles in the water, before it’s evaporated into clean air. Rather than cleaning out the grime, simply remove and replace the filter as needed. Canopy offers a subscription option so a new paper filter shows up on your doorstep whenever it’s time to switch

  • There’s the option to add a drop of essential oil to the built-in diffuser to infuse baby’s room with a soothing scent

Unique Humidifier

Canopy Humidifier
Canopy Humidifier
Image: Canopy
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