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The Best Parenting And Pregnancy Apps To Download In The New Year

From tracking baby’s progress to finding the perfect gear, these are the family-friendly apps you need in 2016.
Daily Pregnancy and Baby Tracker, Calendar and Registry | The Bump App

What It Is: The Bump app delivers all of the helpful information from our website directly to your smartphone to help you track and foster baby’s development. With a daily, personalized feed, baby registry creation and product detail pages and reviews for over 15,000 of the most registered for products across all your favorite stores, this app makes your pregnancy and parenting journey as rewarding as the delivery.

What We Love: The ability to search across expert content and feedback from fellow moms and moms-to-be at the same time. With the new Real Answers platform, it's fast and easy to find out the answers to all of your questions from The Bump editors, experts and other parents or parents-to-be like you. Plus, you can take (and share) belly photos and see them unfold in a slideshow of your own pregnancy.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes; Google Play


What It Is: No parent wants to part with their children's finger paintings and macaroni art. So when your little Picasso's portraits start piling up, check out this creative solution. ArtKive lets you take pictures of your child’s artwork, then label it by kid, grade and date and store it digitally, so you can keep its memory alive while making room in the house for new masterpieces.

What We Love: With just a few steps you can turn your child’s art collection into a high-quality, hardcover photo album or print the images on objects like phone cases, blankets and pillows. The latest version of the app is even integrated with Budsies so you can turn art into custom stuffed animals! Or for something extra special, splurge on The ArtKive Concierge. For an additional fee you can ship your artwork to ArtKive and they’ll professionally photograph it, digitize the pictures and create a book that has keepsake written all over it.

Price: $4.99

Availability: iTunes; Google Play

Baby MedBasics

What It Is: Based on the popular book of the same title, the Baby MedBasics app provides new parents with step-by-step emergency medical advice and safety tips for newborns to one-year-olds. This app, which was created by a doctor dad and a nurse mom who had to save their son from choking, is a lifesaver—literally.

What We Love: Brightly color-coded tabs let you navigate quickly to the section you need, while simple instructions and illustrations walk you through how to handle CPR, choking, burns, bleeding, allergies and other health emergencies. Once baby gets bigger you can download Toddler MedBasics.

What Needs Work: Some of the images are hard to read due to small print, and with no zoom option, it’s a little difficult to focus on the information you need.

Price: $2.99

Availability: iTunes

Shine Period and Fertility Tracker

What It Is: Whether you’re trying to conceive or avoid pregnancy, achieve your goal with the newest addition to The Bump family. Shine helps you monitor your cycle, chart fertility through BBT and cervical fluid, and track sexual activity, mood and other symptoms.

What We Love: Besides the scientific data visualizations, Shine also boosts your general knowledge with fun facts, stats and daily poll questions that you’ll want to share with friends or your partner. You can also learn helpful tips and read the latest news about period tracking and trying to conceive.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes; Google Play


What It Is: Tinybeans is a beautifully designed online photo album and baby journal in one. Capture photo and video moments and track milestones in the daily journal, then safely share them with friends and family so they can stay up to date on everything baby.

What We Love: Comprehensive developmental lists let you check off all of baby’s milestones, like “begins to hold and play with toys” or “points with index finger,” and then add a photo to go along with the moment. Launch the slideshow feature and watch all of your photos come to life in chronological order.

Price: Free

Availability:  iTunes; Google Play

White Noise Baby

What It Is: Recommended by Katie Couric, White Noise Baby is designed to help baby relax, stop crying and drift off to sleep faster, which is every parent’s dream. Choose from 20 different sounds like car ride or Doppler ultrasound as well as classical music tracks like Brahms Lullaby.

What We Love: You can set the device to slowly tune out and reactivate if crying is detected. Plus, the app turns into a rattle when you need a quick toy to entertain baby.

Price: $0.99

Availability: iTunes; Google Play

Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

What It Is: Designed by a first-time mom, Eat Sleep is no ordinary baby-tracking app. With a simple, intuitive design, it makes keeping track of all those feedings, naps and diaper changes a no-brainer. Over time, the app even compiles trends from day to day, week to week, or month to month to create a record of baby’s patterns.

What We Love: You can enter feeding, sleeping and diaper change details with a one-finger tap. How easy is that? There’s also a note section, so you can add in additional info you’d like to track, like bath time or doctor appointments.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes

Cozi Family Organizer

What It Is: Did we hear a resolution about less stress in the New Year? On the Cozi Family Organizer app, you can have a color-coded family calendar, shopping lists, a recipe box and to-dos all on your phone to help bring order to your family’s hectic schedule.

What We Love: Since Cozi is a shared app, you only need one account for the entire family, and you can see what everyone else is adding. That means if you’re at the grocery store and your partner puts milk on the list, you’ll know before you get home! You can also set reminders for each family member, making it easy to alert everyone to upcoming events.

What Needs Work: While the free app is helpful, the Gold upgrade allows you to store contacts, get a monthly calendar view on mobile, create a birthday tracker, as well as add more reminders. But it doesn’t come cheap: $29.99 for an annual subscription.

Price: Free (basic version); $29.99 (gold version)

Availability: iTunes; Google Play 

Wahoo 7 Minute Workout

What It Is: Finding time to workout with babies and kids is hard, but everyone can find seven minutes, right? This workout app targets the entire body in intervals with customizable settings so you can adjust things like the rest time between exercises. From running in place to push-ups and lunges, you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time.

What We Love: Voice prompts let you workout without ever looking at a timer or your phone, but there are clear text and video descriptions in case you need help figuring out a move or two. Got more time or motivation to burn? You can up the number of cycles to double or triple your workout.

What Needs Work: The free app offers only one free workout option—you can “unlock” other workouts by earning achievements or by paying for an additional workout pack.

Price: Free; $0.99 per additional workout

Availability: iTunes

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

What It Is: With 365 days a year, everyone needs some kitchen inspiration. This user-friendly app gives you access to thousands of recipes with step-by-step instructions and videos, and lets you sort by ingredients, dish type and cook time, so you can get dinner on the table, stat!

What We Love: The Dinner Spinner, of course! Give it a spin on your phone and the app randomly finds fun recipes for you to try. Save your favorites to the Recipe Box, so you can refer back to them quickly.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes; Google Play

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

What It Is: Time to shed that baby weight? This is hands-down the best and easiest calorie counter to help track your food and exercise, so it’s ideal for busy moms. Plus, you can sync your My Fitness Pal account with other apps to make tracking even more seamless.

What We Love: Their food database blows the competition away with more than 5,000,000 (and growing) different foods, which you can search by typing in brand names or simple nouns. Even cooler, you can scan the barcode on food with a barcode scanner app to help narrow down your search even faster.

Price: Free

Availability: iTunes; Google Play

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