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8 of your favorite fertility tips
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Updated March 2, 2017
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We know how it is: Once the word is out that you’re trying to conceive, friends and family start offering up all kinds of unsolicited advice. And while some of it can get pretty annoying (“Just relax — it’ll happen!”), every now and then a few pearls of wisdom shine through. We asked Bumpies to spill the best advice they received while trying to get pregnant. Read on, and maybe it will become yours too.

“They lied in health class in high school…it does not happen that darn easily (for everyone).” — Jo&Kel

“My boss and I are really close, and she knew my husband and I were trying. But I made a comment on how we’re just taking it easy and not ‘mapping’ out my cycles or anything, and she said ‘So? Map it! If you want to get pregnant, map it out.’ I thought it might take the romance out of the whole situation, but the first month I mapped my cycles, we got pregnant. So I guess it was good advice!” — abovewedding

“Be your own advocate. You know your body better than anyone, so if you’re not happy with your current doctor, seek a second opinion.” — SweetieD21

“The best ‘emotional’ tip I got was to keep sex hot! It can be baby makin’ and love makin’ at the same time!” — magnolia_femme

“The best TTC advice I received was to realize that it can take even a healthy couple up to a year to conceive. If I hadn’t learned that, I may have believed I was infertile after three months of trying because everyone else in my family got pregnant so quickly. I am now on cycle eight of TTC after coming off birth control pills, but I know that I am still well within a ‘normal’ timeframe for getting pregnant.” — SarahL77

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“Have a sense of humor about TTC — it can be an emotional roller coaster, and you have to have a sense of humor to stay sane.” – kimoly

“Be patient. We were TTC for two years, and I tried everything. None of the tricks that I was told about worked.  When I got pregnant I wasn’t doing anything extra — no charting, no PNVs, no supplements, or schedules. In fact I was suffering with really bad insomnia and awful anxiety.” — _NiceAsstra _

“The best advice is to keep it between you, your spouse, and an understanding support group. Your opinionated coworkers, neighbors, and in-laws don’t need to know anything. We went through fertility treatments for three years to get our beautiful baby girl!” —_roroboat _

What kind of advice did you receive while trying to conceive? Share below!

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