Craziest Things That Happen While Trying to Get Pregnant

Spoiler alert: Making a baby can be awkward, gross and downright hilarious.
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By Shannon Guyton, Contributing Writer
Updated March 2, 2017
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Babymaking can be very romantic. Then again, it can get weird fast. People say and do some crazy stuff when they’re trying to get pregnant—so we asked other Bumpies to share the strangest, funniest things (at least in hindsight) that happened while trying to conceive:

“I stuck myself multiple times a day with a needle, did countless trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and spent thousands of dollars…all worth it.” – Melissasmom

“Honey! It’s 7:02 and we were supposed to trigger at 7! Hurry up, we’re missing our chance!” —kingsgal

“My husband shouts ‘Score!’ as if he knows when his sperm has made it past my cervix.” —laughqueen

“I never thought I’d be calling an IVF clinic to see how many of my eggs fertilized!” —Mary S.

“After sex I make a beeline to the bathroom to avoid a UTI, and my husband yells, ‘Hey! Are you peeing out our children?’” —Kayla M.

“I never thought I’d lay in bed for twenty minutes after sex with my legs in the air. Or that my husband would time me.” —SuzieQ

“I never thought I’d send this text when I got a positive on my ovulation predictor kit: ‘Code: Blinking Smiley, I repeat, we are at Code: Blinking Smiley.’” — Danielle T.

“My husband and I were doing it so much that his man part got bruised. The doc said he should stay off it for a few days!” —pamjam

“I never thought I’d actually measure how long my cervical mucus stretched between my fingers.” —Diana Y.

“It was imperative we have sex at his parents house so we went outside in the car…only to be caught by the neighbor’s five year old. Mortifying!” — momto4

“My husband started calling me Queen LaQueefa. Enough said.” — Gina J.

“I would get so mad if I overslept on the weekends and didn’t get to record my  basal temperature on time! Who else would be mad about getting more sleep?” — Janice N.

Names have been changed.

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