Q&A: Frustrated With Trying to Have a Baby?

We’ve been trying to get pregnant for months and we’re pretty frustrated. How can I keep a positive attitude?
ByPaula Kashtan
February 28, 2017
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It’s tough not to obsess, especially when Aunt Flo arrives month after month. First, realize that what you’re going through is normal. Yes, a widely cited stat says that it takes the average couple between four and six months to conceive, but that means it took many couples a lot longer. And while it may seem like “everyone” you know gets knocked up without a problem, there’s a good chance they struggled too. Second, seek out support. Talk to friends or family or try an online community (like the one right here). Sharing your frustration with women who know exactly what you’re going through can really help. Try not to make your mate a constant sounding board for your  TTC anxiety — it’ll only increase any he’s probably feeling himself. On especially bluesy days, tell yourself that you will have a baby one day. Really picture yourself holding your little sprout and imagine how good it will feel. It might not happen quite how you imagine… maybe not when, either… but keep believing that it will. And when it does, the stress you’re experiencing now will be way more than worth it.

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