Bumpie Tip of the Week: How I Got Through the Two-Week Wait

ByThe Bump Editors
March 2, 2017
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You’ve tracked your ovulation, gotten it on with husband (a lot!), stocked up on pregnancy tests and now, you couldn’t be more ready for a BFP. But waiting another two whole weeks before finding out is killing you! Fortunately, Bumpies on the Trying to Get Pregnant board share how they distracted themselves during the dreaded wait when their patience started running low:

“Besides getting on The Bump and other parenting/pregnancy sites, I try to stay busy with daily life… I try to limit the time I spend obsessing/wondering ‘What if?’” — lov3bug13

“Just try to stay busy. I work a lot so it isn’t too hard for me, but maybe you could try taking up a new hobby. Some people on here suggested starting a blog.” — AlphaSierra

“It’s hard not to wonder, of course, and I am trying so hard not to talk about it too much to my husband or friends and family… because if we have a long road of conception ahead I don’t want to be constantly boring people with this. I am trying to focus on the other aspects of my life and making sure I am watching my diet and caffeine intake in the meantime.” — mol1020

“Move house — that helped me stay busy!! But for those who aren’t moving I would suggest either trying a new hobby, trying the things that you wouldn’t be able to do if you found out you were pregnant, reading some new books, watching new TV shows, trying a new exercise, etc!” — Welshgirl12

“Get a hobby, read a book, exercise, try a new TV series or a new recipe. Also, you can participate in the Two Week Wait threads that are posted every day.” — krdesi

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“Take your time really enjoying your partner. Once you have a baby couple time gets harder to have. Go camping, take a trip whatever you guys like to do, having fun will take your mind off the wait.” — dragossoul84

“My husband and I spent that time trying new restaurants, going to movies, doing things we normally didn’t like to “waste” money on. It was almost like we were dating again. Plan a weekend away to a Bed and Breakfast or something like that. I also did a lot if girls nights to enjoy a few glasses of wine.” — DemoDoll

Tell us: How do you get through the two week wait?

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