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Q&A: Getting Pregnant: Keeping Sex Fun?

After two or so days of Baby Dance, DH is like, "I need a break for a day or two." He claims he is tired no matter how much he wants a baby. What can I do to help keep him motivated around ovulation time? -<em>brideatbeach</em>

Time to move into ultra-sensual, ultra-seductive mode. First, try shifting the focus from when it will happen to the fun you get to have making it happen. Get yourselves in the mood. Use candles, music, lingerie, dirty talk, toys, role playing (not all at once) — whatever it takes to make sex sexy again. Save a  few tricks for later so that every time you make love (even if it’s three times in one day) there’s a special edge that keeps it hot. And remember, the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to orgasm. Besides the obvious benefit, having an orgasm after your husband may actually help you conceive… and that’s not a deal we’d turn down.

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