10 Most Dramatic Birth Stories We've Heard — Yet!

From not knowing they were pregnant on delivery day (yes, really) to nearly giving birth in their pants, 10 Bumpies share some of the most dramatic – but inspiring - birth stories we've ever heard. (Brace yourselves!)
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Updated March 2, 2017
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“Within the first hour of labor, the anesthesiologist came in to administer the epidural, but I just couldn’t look at the needle.  I could tell by the look on my boyfriend’s face that it was a big one, though. The next thing I knew, my whole face was wet! I didn’t realize what happened right away, but it ended up that the anesthesiologist had a little mess-up when he put extra medicine in the syringe — it sprayed all over _both _of us!” -ktgunn22
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“Luckily, it only took us 20 minutes to get to the hospital — otherwise LO would have been born in the car! When we got inside, I immediately sat down and groaned through a couple of contractions. My groans were so loud that I probably terrified the little girl sitting next to me in the waiting room! After more groans, the admissions lady looked at me and asked, “Is this your first?” I couldn’t believe how obvious it was! At that moment, I _knew _I was going to need an epidural.” -clilydance
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“My contractions started hitting me like a wall. They were right on top of each other, so I couldn’t even time them!”-mattandbekah
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“I had a good feeling about the day I gave birth — it was going to be a full harvest moon that night. I figured if I mixed all of the old wives tales together, labor would simply have to start. So, I ate eggplant the night before and walked 4 miles in the park with one foot on the pavement and one on the curb. It worked!”-Dinaffw
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"As I was pushing, I looked down and saw a stream of pee hit the doctor in the face. (It’s a really good thing he had a mask on.) I hadn’t thought about peeing — I was more afraid of pooping! When my daughter’s older, I’ll tell her that mommy peed on the doctor while pushing her out!"-michelina34

"I didn’t know that I was pregnant. (Yes, you read that correctly.) My period hadn’t been regular for quite some time. I felt nothing: No moving, no morning sickness…absolutely nothing. On a Saturday night, I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. I went to the doctor with what my mother-in-law and I though was a Urinary Tract Infection. The doctor told me that I was pregnant, which was a _huge shock. My husband was in class so I texted him and told him that we were headed to the hospital because I was in labor. He was freaking out and headed to the Labor and Delivery room to be with me. I, on the other hand, didn’t have time to freak out. There was just too much to do! The labor went by with no problems, and after I was settled in my room and my beautiful 7lb. 7oz. baby girl, Debra Joyce was born, I was not expecting to see anyone but my family, but no… They had somehow called all of our friends. There were so many people there for me, my husband, and our beautiful baby girl. Talk about surprises!"-JenP3808 _

“One night I awoke at about 2 in the morning to a contraction and woke my husband up immediately to tell him. On our way to our doctor (who’s an hour away) we passed our local hospital – my husband asked if I was okay to keep going and I said that I was fine… Until about 5 minutes later, when my contractions suddenly started coming 3 minutes apart! Just then he pulled a U turn and we headed back to the local hospital. As soon as we walked into the E.R. my water broke — movie style all over the floor! I was rushed into a room and had my second baby boy 2 minutes later…”-kiky23

"At 10 centimeters the nurse told me to call her if I felt ‘a ton of pain.’ But I was fine! I was just chilling out, texting people and talking to my sister on the phone. I started feeling more pressure and jokingly put my hand down there, when — OMG — I touched the baby’s head! I immediately called the nurse and, all of a sudden, his entire head popped right out and his body followed! I caught him myself! There was nothing set up — no bulb, no suction, no chord clamps, no scissors, not a thing! I told my OB he owes me a refund!"-makclair
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“I thought I would set a world record for the amount I pooped during labor! I knew it was going to happen because I kept telling the nurses that I had to go. I pushed for two hours before going in for a c-section and I pooped through most of the pushing. My husband says it’s completely burned into his brain. Oh well, he still loves me!”-Bundleofboy

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