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Christine Coppa is the author of Rattled! (Broadway Books, 2009), a memoir about starting her journey as a single mom.

Single And Pregnant?

I’m single and pregnant, and I feel a little lonely. How can I get more excited about pregnancy?

It’s easy to feel left out when you’re the only mom-to-be in the doctor’s waiting room without a partner, and your expectant friends are planning romantic babymoons. But remember, your pregnancy should be celebrated just as much as anyone else’s.

Make it special

Take a babymoon with friends (aka, a mommymoon) and have maternity photos taken by a professional, suggests Christine Coppa, a single mom and author of Rattled!, a memoir about her own experience being pregnant and unattached.

Surround yourself with a support team

Ask a family member to go to appointments with you and plan low-key girls’ nights with your friends.

Find single mom friends

Knowing other women in the same situation as you can help you feel less left out — and you can get lots of great advice from them. Check out the Single Parents board at

Be brave about being alone

If you’re newly single, practice being independent — you might find you actually enjoy it. Soon, you’ll realize, you really can do this, and you’ll feel empowered to be a fantastic mom.

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