Psst! the Most Scandalous Places Women Had Babymaking Sex

Trying to conceive can't be all romance, all the time. Here, some Bumpies share their risky, risque and out-there TTC stories.
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Mar 2017
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“OMG! I’m ovulating… HONEY!!! LET’S GO, NOW!” We’ve all been there. Your brain (and body!) is 100 percent in babymaking mode… and you will do it just about anywhere. We’ve heard some great stories from Bumpies on the Trying to get pregnant board on the most outrageous places they’ve stopped to have sex. How do your babymaking spots compare to the ones below?

“Bathroom in a dirty bar… Oops.” –mandamull

“My husband’s childhood bed at my in-laws house! We were both so freaked out and the bed wouldn’t stop creaking!” — bballgerl12

“Our best friend got married, we drove to their house and got freaky on the hood of my car in their driveway!” –momastem

“In a hotel elevator, all dressed up, in the middle of the Christmas work party!” –krystalll

“When we were trying to get pregnant with our second, my husband and I had sex in the parking lot while we waited for our preschooler’s holiday celebration to start. Hope none of the other parents saw us!” —meggieb44

“Public park at highway rest stop.” –surprise39

“In the hotel lobby bathroom while we were on vacation at Disney World. Hey, they don’t call it the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ for nothing! Haha!” —mayabandt

“Can’t believe I’m sharing this, but my husband came to my office late one night to help me bring home a few things. We did it at my desk when no one was around. It was hot!” —SsbLady83

“I’ve had sex in my in-law’s house before and it was fun in a strange way. Try to make the best of it.” – Jennawrx

“At my best friend’s holiday party. We got it on in the bathroom while everyone was toasting to the New Year.” —HannaBNice52

“In the waiting room at my doctor’s office. Hey, when it’s time, it’s time.” —LenaWandMarkW13

“Oh gosh… we had sex in a McDonald’s parking lot on the way to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. I can’t believe I just admitted this!” —LaylaLovesRoses93

Some names have been changed.

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