Things Women Wish They Knew Before Trying to Conceive

Trying to make a baby can be pretty unpredictable. 12 women shared what they would tell their pre-conception selves if they could.
ByElena Donovan Mauer
January 30, 2017
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“I wish I’d known the basal temperature thing would be a waste of time for me. Ovulation predictor kits were the way to go!”  — Audrey B.*

“That it’s not as easy as it seems!” — Lynda D.

“I wish we had kept the news we were trying to conceive to ourselves. People asking about it got old very fast.” — Yvonne H.

“I wish I knew how difficult it would be for me. Even perfectly normal people can take up to a year. The stress of failure each month was crippling. I felt completely useless." — Krista O.

“That ‘not trying’ is sometimes a better strategy than ‘trying’ and stressing.” — E_Mom

“I wish I’d known that if a woman does not have a period for more than 60 days without a positive pregnancy test, she should see her OB/GYN to start testing to see why she’s not ovulating.” — Calindi

“I wish I knew how difficult it would be for my cycles to get back on track after going off birth control. I also wish I knew that the standard 28 day cycle is not true for everyone, and it is totally normal to have longer cycles.” — Birdy B.

“Many women have a tipped uterus and don’t know it. I had gone nearly nine months without success, and gave up, thinking that it may never happen for me. Six or so months later, I saw a new doctor who informed me that I had a tipped uterus and said that I needed to have sex in a certain position so that gravity could take its course. Sure enough, when we were ready, we gave it a conscious effort that way, and it happened on the first try." — Mandy G.

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“That it would take so long to get pregnant!” — Chris L.

“That it can take a lot shorter than you expect.” — Betsy F.

“I wish I had known how sick I would get once I became pregnant. I was still throwing up at 25 weeks, and had vertigo, bronchitis and chronic migraines. I would have been able to better prepare myself, my relationship, and my career.” — Anna B.

“That twins were even a possibility. We weren’t thinking we’d ever have multiples and we did!” — Lauren M.

*Some names have been changed.

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