10 Things to Never Share on Social Media When Trying to Conceive

We've seen some pretty crazy things announced though tweets and status updates, including these 10 conception sharing no-no's.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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1. _Where _you’re getting it on

Great, you’re having sex! That’s really awesome (and, of course, important, if you’re trying to make a baby). What’s not so awesome, though, is making it known to your all of your friends (and family!) exactly where you and your partner did the deed. If it was in the car, please, spare cyberspace the dirty details — because the chances of any of your Facebook friends riding shutgun just turned to zero.

2. That you’re ovulating

Again, TMI. Think before you tweet: Do my coworkers really need to know that I’m ovulating this week? Will it be awkward tomorrow when I see my boss at work? Chances are, no, your colleagues don’t need to know what’s happening down there this time of the month. Play it safe! If you partner uses social media, send him a direct message. Better yet? Try texting. (Or talking!)

3. The state of your bodily fluids

We know you’re doing an in-depth analysis of what’s happening with your cervical mucus, but your recently added friends from grade school don’t really need to hear about it. Take a hint, and save the uber personal details for your diary, your doctor, and your partner. They signed up to hear about all your concerns, questions and daily updates — your online friends didn’t.

4. _How _you got it on

Missionary, reverse cowgirl, upside down or in the shower — do yourself a favor and _don’t _debate whether the position you used will get you pregnant on social media. Save the gossip for coffee with your girlfriends, a check-up with your gyno, a visit with your fertility doctor, or a late night snack with your partner. (And hey, ask all the graphic questions you want on The Bump boards!) To be honest, your Facebook friends would much rather hear about the amazingly romantic meal you prepared instead of the romp in the sheets you had afterwards.

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5. The baby names you picked — even before you’re pregnant

We’re not saying not to fantasize about having a baby and giving it the perfect name while you’re trying to conceive — many women do it, and we don’t blame you! But there’s the distinct possibility that your best friend sees the name on your page, loves it and gives it to _her _baby. Or worse, her dog.

6. How much you hate going to baby showers (when you’re still trying)

We get it, okay? Your cousin Susie really screwed up by inviting you to her baby shower two weeks after you told her you’re having trouble trying to conceive. For the fate of your relationship, however, it’s probably best to save the passive-aggressive status update for some other occasion. Call your cousin, talk to her, explain how hard it will be to attend her shower when you’re still trying to get pregnant. Don’t put Facebook in between your family (or friend!) drama — it just creates a bigger problem.

7. A photo of the results on your pee stick ovulation test

There are going to be lots of moments in your future that you think might be photo-worthy, but this isn’t one of them. 'Nuff said.

8. Your partner’s fertility test results

There’s nothing more humiliating (or embarrassing) about sending out a message to all your friends and followers that your partner has a low sperm count or motility problem. There’s no reason your ex-best friend from third grade show know what’s going on in your man’s, um, down there parts.

9. How _often _you’re getting it on

Maybe you two like to have sex when you’re bored, when you’re tired, before you make dinner, after you clean up, while you’re doing laundry, or while you’re reorganizing the living room. It’s healthy, natural and great for your relationship — so kudos to you two! But please, for the love of Pete, don’t tell _everyone _about it! If you two can’t keep your hands off of each other long enough to sit through a movie, chances those double date invitations are going to stop coming.

10. Your weird, personal medical questions

If you’re worried that your saliva may be killing your man’s sperm, or whether or not Robitussin can really help you conceive, social media isn’t the space for you to be asking about. And this isn’t because it’s TMI, it’s because the answers you get in return are liable to wrong. Your Twitter followers are probably not fertility experts. Instead, talk to your doctor, and see the  Getting Pregnant section of The Bump for real, expert answers to your most probing questions.

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