Worst Things Moms Did (and Said!) During Delivery

For even the most calm, cool, collected mom-to-be, there’s no holding back in the delivery room!
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May 4, 2017
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“My partner would kill me if he knew I was telling people this, but I actually asked him if I could hit him in the balls so he could understand the pain I was going through!” — Kim T.

“When I progressed so quickly and missed the window for an epidural, I turned to my mom and said, ‘Pack up my stuff. I’m done with this sh*t.’ Apparently, I thought was going to leave. Ha!” — Makenzie P.

“It was about 2 am and I was fighting off the urge to have an epidural because I wanted to deliver naturally. My husband started to doze off in the chair next to me and just seeing his eyes shut threw me into a fit of rage. So I gave him a nice wake-up slap on the cheek! I still don’t regret it.” — Maggie P.

“Oh, my husband loves telling everyone this. I guess after a really bad contraction I told everyone — my doctor and nurses included! — to ‘Eff off!’ and to leave me alone. I think I was so embarrassed that I just blocked it from my memory.” — Sabbie H.

“With both of my deliveries, I swore and shouted. I had my husband in a headlock and I even (accidentally) head-butted my midwife by accident. Even though I was so embarrassed and it was totally an accident, it felt good to make someone else feel the stresses and pain that come with giving birth to a baby.” — Kai D.

“With my second child, my boyfriend left the room to grab a coffee and some breakfast while I was in the early stages of labor. When he came back I grabbed him by the shirt and told him if he even thought about leaving my room again he would be a dead man.” — Becca R.

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“A lot of women do this, but I feel like it’s still so taboo to say. I pooped on the bed and was mortified afterward. I couldn’t look my doctor in the eye!” — Naomi W.

“I made my doctors and nurses hold off my c-section so that I could do my hair and makeup. I was in labor for 24 hours and looked like crap. My husband and OB were laughing at me but I wanted to look good for my son!” — Tara P.

“I had to have an emergency c-section and after reading me the ‘risks’ associated with this type of delivery — like a blood clot, hysterectomy and blood transfusion — I got down from the bed and started getting dressed. I told my doctor the baby could stay inside of me and that I was not going to risk our health. My husband laughed but I was serious! Needless to say, my doctor and my husband talked me off that ledge and everything ended up being fine. I had the c-section and there were no complications.” — Gabrielle R.

“I have a really low pain tolerance and when I was pregnant with my first, I really didn’t know what I was in for. I pulled my nurse’s hair by accident and slapped her. I apologized profusely but I really don’t know what came over me.” — Brittney S.

“I’m a nurse and when I worked in maternity, there was a mom-to-be that ordered take out about 30 minutes before it was time to push. She said she wanted to be ready to eat!” — Linda O.

“I kicked my husband out of the delivery room. It wasn’t because I didn’t want him there with me (because I did), but I just felt labor was something I needed to do on my own. I know how selfish and crazy that sounds, but in the moment I just needed to focus and push.” — Kelley R.

“I labored on the toilet. It was the only place I felt comfortable. But when I tell the story, I act like everything happened on the hospital bed!” — Whit K.

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