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Zyban And Getting Pregnant?

Can Zyban affect my chances of getting pregnant?

Zyban, which originally was created as an antidepressant medication, is prescribed to help smokers quit. If you’re taking it now, give yourself big congrats, since smoking itself is harmful for both you and your future baby. And there’s no known reason that Zyban should affect your ability to conceive. Like most prescription medications, however, it hasn’t been studied on pregnant women, so if you do become pregnant, your doctor may recommend you stop taking it.

That said, it might be safer to wait until you’ve kicked the smoking habit for good and don’t need the medication anymore before you actively try to get pregnant. The standard course of treatment is 7 to 12 weeks, so once you finish taking the meds and have put the cigarettes down for good, you’ll be in even better shape to start your family in good health.

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