Kinga Neumann
Content Writer Intern
  • Kinga is a Content Writer Intern at The Knot Worldwide.
  • She is currently in the process of obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Politics, and Sociology from the University of Galway.
  • She currently lives in Galway City.

Maybe you craved cookies throughout your pregnancy, perhaps you want baby to be an incredible cook in the future, or maybe you simply find the name Cookie to be the cutest thing ever! Whatever the reason, Cookie is the dream name for your sweet bundle of joy. This adorable gender-neutral name has Latin, English, Dutch, and modern roots, all revolving around cooking and baking. The traditional Latin and English meaning of Cookie is "cook," perfect if you want to raise a little future chef. The modern use of this name refers to everyone's favorite dessert, "cookies," and comes from the Dutch word koekje, meaning little cake. Treat baby Cookie to the sweetest name in the whole wide world!

At The Bump
Kinga works on researching and writing informative yet fun baby name descriptions. Her main goal is to see all kinds of names represented in a way that is accurate and engaging. Having a unique name herself, she knows well the special feeling of recognition when she finds the name Kinga reflected back to her while conducting research. Through her work on The Bump, she hopes to bring that same experience to every child who explores the origin and meaning of their extraordinary own name as they grow.

Kinga is currently studying Journalism, Sociology, and Politics at the University of Galway. She is due to graduate in 2025 and hopes to continue exploring a career as a professional writer once she has finished her Bachelor’s degree.

Kinga has been on the lookout for interesting opportunities and ways to gain experience since her teenage years. She has interned with her university radio station and provided social media coverage for the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival in Vuokatti, Finland. She seizes every opportunity to enhance her writing skills and media portfolio while helping people learn about and experience the world around them.