Richard Mullan
Content Writer
  • Richard is a content writer at The Knot Worldwide. In addition to his work with The Bump, he writes storefront descriptions for The Knot and WeddingWire.
  • He sampled a few subjects at NUIG before graduating with a Mathematics degree. He also holds a diploma in Sports Journalism.
  • Richard was born in Sligo but left for college at 17 and returned home almost two decades later.

My wonderful and beautiful two (and a half!) year-old niece Maya pronounces my name "Ri-shersh" and now I think of her saying that when I begin to research any name. She has simultaneously made the word adorable and lose all meaning!

At The Bump
Richard researches and writes fun and creative baby name descriptions at The Bump. He loves finding a link between a name and a historical figure or a fun and unique fact about its origin and meaning. Richard loves the idea of his words resonating with a new parent and helping them in some way to choose a special name for their little one.

Richard attended NUIG after leaving Summerhill College and began a course in Undenominated Science. After two years in a lab coat, he realized he only liked the maths part of the course, and he changed course completely to a mathematics and maths physics degree. After graduating in the early 2010s with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, Richard went on his travels before returning to Ireland to complete a Sports Journalism diploma at Dublin Business School.

Richard spent a lot of his college life working in bars to finance his studies. In 2020, he began writing for Sligo Rovers FC, covering their men's and women's youth teams throughout the season. In the summer of 2022, Richard moved to Milan to work as an engineer for SIS Sport and helped develop the training grounds at Internazionale FC. Later that year, he moved to Denmark to work at their national stadium in Copenhagen. He spent three fantastic months in the Danish capital before returning home to Sligo and landing his dream job.