Welcome to The Bump Community’s Social Groups!

The Bump Community’s Social Groups feature provides a place for you to start invite or request-only groups with your new (or old!) community friends in a more private setting. These groups provide a great way for members to truly talk about anything (special topics/cases/situations, emotional details, even the latest on your favorite TV shows) with specific users rather than out loud on our public forums.

These social groups are user-operated and will not be moderated by The Bump Admins.

By creating and/or joining a social group on The Bump community, you understand that group creators (owners) have the sole discretion to enforce the guidelines below and that The Bump will not actively moderate groups.

(Here’s the short version, keep scrolling for the long one)

1. Zero Tolerance for Groups with Malicious Intent

All social group names are public. Any groups with swearing, calling out a user or any other malicious content within the title will be removed and the owner of the group will be banned,no exceptions

Malicious, petty and/or personal attacks of any kind are unacceptable, so please be mindful of the way referencing or discussing others.

Personal attacks include, but are not limited to: starting a thread with a user's name as the topic/title to "bash" them, linking to a thread to call out a user on their post, thoughts or beliefs (not a topic), calling a username out maliciously, starting a malicious or derogatory poll/question about a user, using images (memes, gifs, etc.) in a direct attack/vicious manner, etc.

The Bump encourages you to share your opinions while respecting others' thoughts and feelings as well. Feel free to share, but be ready to hear and accept other opinions that you may not always agree with.

If for any reason a user or a group of users are suspected of bullying, there will be consequences that may eventually, if not automatically, lead to banning from the community.

2. “…but they won’t let me in!”

The creator of a social group (the owner) has the sole discretion to accept or deny any request to enter a private group. The Bump will not be taking requests to enter groups.

3. No Soliciting.

There are some incredibly talented Bumpies in our community with great ideas, but our boards are here for members to share ideas and hold discussions without feeling like they are being bombarded by promotions and solicitations. This applies to all sorts of businesses - photographers, graphic designers, shops, etc.

What does that mean exactly? No posts about your business, at all.

If a member asks for a business recommendation, you cannot respond with yours.

In your signature, you cannot mention your business whatsoever, or link to it (ebay, etsy, etc.)

You can, however, link to your personal blog.

If you are unsure about what's allowed (this can be confusing), just follow one general rule: other members should not be able to guess that you are a business of any sort.

If a group owner sees this, they can report it to The Bump admin and the account will be removed.

4. Personal Information and/or Private Messages are Not to Be Shared on the Boards OR in social groups.

No collecting, storing or posting another members' personal information, under any circumstance.

Regardless of what was shared by another member, you may not repost their "real" names, photos or any other identifying information.

Private messages within the community are meant to stay private, between two users. If someone reaches out to you with a private message, this message is to stay private. There is a reason it was taken off the boards and into your inbox. Please, respect each other and keep private messages private.

If you suspect that you have received "hate mail" in a private message, please contact a board moderator, group owner or a Bump administrator.

Any violations will not be tolerated. Reports to an owner of invading the privacy of another member are to be sent to The Bump admin and will result in an immediate termination of your account.

5. Group Owners

Each member of The Bump community can create up to five social groups. When a community member creates a group, they are the “owner.”

All member created groups are NOT moderated by The Bump. By creating and or joining a social group on The Bump community, you understand that group owners have the sole discretion to enforce these guidelines and that The Bump will not be actively moderating groups.

As an owner, you are expected to decide whether or not something has escalated to a point where an administrator needs to step in. For example, if a social group user feels threatened, endangered, abused, is threatening harm to themself, etc. – these serious issues should be brought to the attention of The Bump admins (support@thebump.com).

If for any reason a social group user feels threatened, endangered, abused, etc. and the group owner is not taking action, please contact support@thebump.com. Although The Bump is not moderating these groups, administrators will take action where it is needed on a case-by-case basis.


The long version may be found here: http://www.thebump.com/terms