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11 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant Over 40

Should you or shouldn't you have a baby after 40? After Halle Berry announced her (surprising) baby-to-be news with partner, Olivier Martinez, women everywhere are weighing in on how they feel about carrying a baby (and the health risks associated with it), when you're older. Still, it seems like some of our favorite celebrity leading ladies are throwing caution to the wind and saying, "Yes!" to a baby after 40. From Mariah and Madonna to Tina and Nicole, these 11 celebrity mothers became first, second, and even third-time mamas in their 40's. Take a look: Would you have a baby after 40?
PUBLISHED ON 04/11/2013

Halle Berry, 46

Halle announced that she was expecting baby number two with partner Olivier Martinez.

Photo: Photo: Us Weekly

Celine Dion, 42

Celine was 42 when she welcomed twin boys Nelson and Eddy.

Photo: Photo: The Daily News

Michelle Duggar, 42

Michelle was 42 when she welcomed her 19th child, Josie, into the world.

Photo: People

Kelly Preston, 47

After losing her son, Jett, in 2009, Kelly gave birth to a son, Benjamin, at the age of 47.

Photo: Photo: Us Weekly

Salma Hayek, 41

Salma gave birth to her daughter, Valentina, at the age of 41.

Photo: Photo: CelebrityBabyScoop

Mariah Carey, 42

After miscarrying, Mariah welcomed twins, Monroe and Morocco, with her husband Nick Cannon.

Photo: Photo: POPSUGAR Moms

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson

Parents: Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson
Even though Uma and her beau couldn't pick just one name, surprise! Baby girl isn't even going to be called any of those names. She'll go by Luna. So, why didn't the just name her that in the first place?

Photo: Photo: People

Nicole Kidman, 40

Nicole was 40 when she welcomed daughter Sunday Rose to the world, her first biological child.

Photo: Photo: People

Tina Fey, 41

Tina was over 40 when she welcomed her daughter Penelope Athena.

Photo: Photo: The Daily Beast

Marcia Cross, 44

The Desperate Housewives star was almost 45 when she gave birth to twin daughters Eden and Savannah.

Photo: Photo: Us Weekly

Madonna, 42

Madge was over 42 when she gave birth to her son, Rocco.


Halle Berry, 41

Mama made the list twice! Halle welcomed her daughter, Nahla, at the age of 41.

Photo: Photo: People