20 Moments That Make You Realize You’re a Mom

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March 2, 2017
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For all our moms, this one’s for you! Here’s to motherhood, every step of the way:

1. You take a pregnancy test — and it’s POSITIVE.

2. No, really — it’s POSITIVE! You’re going to be someone’s MOMMY!


4.  You tell Facebook (obvi!) and keep track of how many “likes” you get!

5. You start to feel a little different about things because you’re busy growing another HUMAN inside your belly.

6. You start asking for sweets at all hours of the day.

7. No, not sweets. BURGERS. BURGERS EVERY DAY.

8. You try your best to focus at work but — OH LOOK, OREOS!

9. At the end of your third trimester, no matter how many outfits you try on, you just can’t get comfortable.

10. Your water breaks! And you make all sorts of funny faces when doctors tell you to "push!"

11. The moment you meet baby you realize you’ve never met anything so lovely and perfect and beautiful.

12. You hope baby gets all your best qualities (and none of your mother-in-laws).

13. Those first few weeks together take a little getting used to.

14. But after awhile, you get the hang of things.

15. You learn each and every one of baby’s faces — and what they mean.


And oh, yeah…

16. You’re so in love with your little bundle, nothing else matters.

17. You realize just how amazing it is to have created a life (and a mini-you!).

18. And how much being a mom is the most amazing experience in the world.

19. Even if there is a lot of this.

You love it anyway.

Happy Mother’s Day, moms, from all of us…

(and Ryan Gosling!)

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