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Your toddler is 17 months old!

Your 17-month-old has tons of new tricks, like opening every cabinet door in the house, chucking their toys across the room, stripping off his diaper and maybe even shrieking like a banshee. You might also find that they're either terrified of dogs and strangers or show absolutely no fear at all. Offer support and supervision when needed. A preference for Mommy above all others is common at this age. Tell your partner not to take it personally; they’re likely to get a turn as no. 1 later.

17-Month-Old Development

Not all your 17-month-old's tricks are mischievous. Your little one keeps growing and reaching new milestones.

17-Month-Old Weight & Height How much should a 17-month-old weigh and measure? According to the World Health Organization, the median weight of a 17-month-old is 22.1 pounds for girls and 23.7 pounds for boys. The median height of a 17-month-old is 31.4 inches for girls and 32.0 inches for boys.

Next month, at the 18-month checkup, the pediatrician will check how your child has been growing to make sure they're on track.

17-Month-Old Milestones

Once your tot hits toddlerhood, they practically become a new person. Look at all the amazing things they can do now!

Walking. Your mobile 17-month-old may soon start to run and even learn to walk up steps.
Speech. Most 17-month-olds are saying at least two to three words, and very few are saying 50 or more words. If your toddler doesn't have a few words in their vocabulary, there’s not necessarily a cause for concern — so don’t panic. Does your kid point? Grunt? Make it clear that they understand what you’re saying? Those are all signs that your child is getting closer. (If your kid isn't doing these things, have their hearing checked.)
Teething. A baby's upper cuspids tend to poke through around 16 to 22 months and the lower cuspids erupt around 17 to 23 months, so you could be in the middle of another round of teething.
Potty training. Your neighbor may be bragging about potty training her 1 ½-year old, but that doesn't mean you need to keep up with the Joneses. If your child is showing signs of readiness, you can buy a potty seat and encourage them to sit on it. Read books about potty training, and point out older kids your child knows who use the potty. Eventually, they'll probably show you they want to really ditch the diapers. But for now, it's usually just about getting your kiddo into the routine of sitting on the seat and getting excited for making this upcoming milestone.

17-Month-Old Behavior

Your precocious 17-month-old may be exhibiting some challenging and pretty odd behaviors. Tap below for advice on dealing with:

17-Month-Old Health

Common health questions parents have at 17 months are:

• My 17-month-old has a fever. What should I do?
• My 17-month-old has diarrhea. What should I do?

• My 17-month-old has constipation. What should I do?
• My 17-month-old is throwing up. What should I do?

17-Month-Old Sleep

How Much Sleep Does a 17-Month-Old Need?

One- to 2-year-olds need about 11 to 14 hours of sleep total each day. At this age, your child is probably is getting those hours through nighttime sleep plus one afternoon nap—though some 17-month-olds do still hold onto their morning nap.

Here's one example of how it might go:

17-Month-Old Sleep Schedule

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17-Month-Old Sleep Regression

Between teething, fears, nightmares and separation anxiety, there are plenty of reasons a 17-month-old might suddenly stop sleeping as well as they used to. To get back to the usual sleep routine, it's important to know the root of the problem, so you can help your child get through. Stick with the usual bedtime routine and set limits that will help your child get back on track.

17-Month-Old Won’t Sleep

17-month-olds tend to give every excuse under the sun not to go to bed. But don't give into their mind games! Wind things down before bedtime—turn off the TV, music and devices; give her a soothing bath; read calming bedtime stories. And keep the routine consistent: one book, two kisses, one refill of water, then lights out (for example). Don't let your kid stall or delay.

17-Month-Old Food

How Much Should My 17-Month-Old Eat And Drink?

Keep giving your 17-month-old three balanced meals and two healthy snacks per day. Toddlers' portion sizes are about one-quarter of an adult's. For example, a serving of ground meat is only two tablespoons, a serving of pasta is four tablespoons, and a serving of fruit is ⅛ cup, and for veggies it's about 1 tablespoon.

What To Feed My 17-Month-Old

About three 8-ounce cups of whole milk per day is recommended for a 17-month-old if they aren't getting calcium from other foods. Aim for about 700 mg of calcium total per day.

Many 17-month-olds continue to breastfeed—and you may continue for as long as you both like. If you're considering weaning your 17-month-old, remember to go slowly. Drop one daily nursing session for at least three to seven days before dropping the next. If you go too fast, you could risk a clogged milk duct or mastitis. Your child may feel slightly vulnerable during the transition, so remember to give them plenty of attention during weaning and find ways to distract them during their usual breastfeeding times. Many moms like to go by the "don't offer; don't refuse" method, which is very gradual and easy on both mom and baby.

Looking for food ideas for a 17-month-old? Check out these ideas and recipes:

17-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

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*A toddler's serving size is about ¼ of an adult's


17-Month-Old Not Eating

If your 17-month-old won't eat and everything else seems normal, it's likely just a case of picky eating. Rest assured that your pediatrician is keeping tabs on your kid's growth to make sure it's on track. Continue to offer your child a variety of healthy foods for each meal and limit unhealthy treats. But never try forcing or bribing your child to eat. Here's more great advice on how to deal with picky eating.

If your child won't eat anything at all, it could be a sign of illness, and you may decide to call the pediatrician to discuss.

Activities For A 17-Month-Old

What To Do With a 17-Month-Old

Fun activities, games and toys for a 17-month-old are:

Riding toys. Most 17-month-olds will pretend to drive a car or ride a horse.
Play ball. Your tot is developing the coordination to throw a ball underhand and may soon be able to kick it too.

Sorting. You may start to teach your 17-month-old how to sort toys by color or shape. Maybe one day, they'll help you sort the laundry!

17-Month-Old Toddler Checklist/Tips

• Your 17-month-old still isn't big enough to be left alone—not even for a second. If you'd got to run to the bathroom or get dinner out of the oven, it's a good idea to have a playard where they can sit safely for a minute or two until you return.
• It's normal for a 17-month-old to have a favorite blankie or soft toy that gives them comfort. If you can, buy a duplicate—just in case the original ever gets lost or damaged.
• Find baby playing with his poop? More than once? Keep hands out of diapers with snug diaper covers or one-piece outfits.
• Take some time for self-care. Dealing with screaming, toy throwing and poop-playing isn't easy, and you deserve a break every now and again.

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