3 ‘Interesting’ Breastfeeding Changes I Definitely Wasn’t Ready For

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March 2, 2017
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Breastfeeding has been one of the most rewarding parts of motherhood for me (and in so many unexpected ways!). It has given me a very plump and healthy baby, helped me lose the baby weight and even given me a bit more in the cleavage department. Not too shabby. However, I am here to tell you that nursing my son at eight months is very different from nursing him during his newborn days.

I look back to his newborn days and remember quiet, calm and peaceful nursing sessions. Sessions where he was easy to hold because he loved being swaddled and was more than content with being near his mom. There were times where I would even fall asleep because of how peaceful it was! Fast forward to the more recent weeks and in some ways breastfeeding has become a whole new experience!

Here are three changes that we have encountered:

1. There is a new word that enters your vocabulary: Niplash.

What is niplash? Let me explain. You are sitting in a quiet room nursing, then your husband walks looking all sorts of good and you turn your head to look at him. Well, guess what? So does baby, while remaining latched on. Niplash.

2. There are teeth involved.

Remember when people tell you that most babies do not get their first tooth until around six months or so? My son got TWO teeth at exactly four months. Here we sit at eight months and he is cutting his seventh tooth. Now luckily, we do not have excessive biting, but there have been a few times where I was pretty sure he bit my nipple clear off (he did not). I have learned to pay close attention when he is getting tired or cutting a new tooth to get my finger in there and unlatch him quickly when necessary! I must add, it hasn’t been that bad though, I mean, I am still doing it — right?

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3. He knows where the “ladies” live.

This hasn’t become a huge problem yet, but I see it on our horizon. My little guy knows that under mom’s shirt lies his favorite meal. So why not pull on my V-neck to see if they are available? Why not try to unbutton my shirt when I am not paying attention? It makes sense because he is telling me is hungry and ready to eat but you just have to make sure you are ready because they don’t care whether you are in the middle of the grocery store or Easter dinner!

Overall, I have the outlook now as I had at day one: breastfeeding is an adventure. Each age brings along its own quirks and trials but all are manageable. You adapt, you laugh and you just keep going! I am hoping to continue breastfeeding to a year and beyond so I am sure this list will only continue to grow!

What challenges or funny things have happened to you while breastfeeding?

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