5 Things Every Mom-to-Be Must Do Before Baby Arrives

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Updated March 2, 2017
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I came up with a plan during my eighth month of pregnancy to go on mini-dates with myself until I have my baby girl. I know my life is about to change — obviously, in a good way! — but knowing that my freedom is no longer going to be whenever the heck I feel like it sort of freaks me out. So, I want to relish in the fact that my “me” time days are numbered.

I decided that these dates could be simple or splurge-worthy — and here’s my bucket list:

1. Treat myself to a prenatal massage

This clearly does not need any explanation at all. And let me tell you — it was amazing!

2. Go shopping (all day)

Mind you, I probably did zero shopping for me and more shopping for my newly renovated home and the baby, but still. Who really wants to shop for themselves when you can’t fit into regular clothes?!

3. Spend the day in my pajamas

Because some days you just need to stay in your husbands sweats all day long and watch movies and eat junk food.

4. Go see a movie by myself

Chick flick, duh!

5. Sit at a cafe all day, people-watching and reading

There is something about a relaxing day at a cafe while enjoying your drink of choice and relishing in a good book. Days like these are priceless — especially on a beautiful, fall day.

With just two weeks until my due date, I’ve got one more date left with myself. I have to say, I’m more than ready for my baby to be here any day now. In fact, I’ve had enough time to myself and feel ready for the new life I’ve created. Bring it on!

Did any of you do a similar approach to enjoying the last few days/weeks of your “me” time?

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