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7 Adorable Babies Throwing the Cutest Tantrums of All Time

Babies. Sometimes they're cuddly. Sometimes they're fussy. Sometimes they throw the most adorable temper tantrums that we've ever seen. But they're always cute. So when we came across these seven "aww" inducing tantrums, we couldn't help ourselves. You've got to see how cute these babies can be when they don't get their way!

baby tantrum

Photo: Taylor G. / The Bump

"Stop. Singing. Those. Damn. ABC's!"

Somebody, give this girl a lollipop right away!

Photo: Samatha L. / The Bump

"But I HATE bumble bees!"

Should’ve splurged for the Pretty Little Princess costume, mom.

Photo: Sara F. / The Bump

"Breakfast. NOW. And make it quick!"

Guess baby learns quick that breakfast is best served hot!

Photo: Patience T. / The Bump

"Whatchu lookin' at, Mommy?"

Bad day at daycare, baby? Yeah, we feel you.

Photo: Right Start Blog / The Bump

"But Daddy, I want a golden ticket RIGHT NOW."

Whatever it is, Daddy, give the little girl what she wants!

Photo: David Krewinghaus / The Bump

"These are all the toys I have? SERIOUSLY?"

Looks like it’s time to take a little trip to the toy store…

Photo: Lylah G / The Bump
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