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9 Babies Making The Grumpiest (and Cutest!) Faces We’ve Ever Seen

Let's face it, friends, there's nothing cuter than a grumpy baby. Whether they're hungry, tired or just don't feel like being their cuddly, cute little selves, they're little upset faces just make them cuter. And there's nothing cuter than 9 ticked off little tikes who looked unhappy while the camera was around! See for yourself, here: So you agree, don't you? There really is nothing cuter than an angry baby, right?!rcai
"If they say 'Who's a good girl?' one more time, I swear...."
Photo: Photo: Kris Allbright Photography
"I didn't think they were SERIOUS about this whole 'vegetable' thing."
Photo: Photo: Aaron Couter / The Bump
"I saiiiidddd NO pictures, lady!"
Photo: Photo: Sarah Vanslette / The Bump
"Great story, Grandma. Tell it again...."
Photo: Photo: U Bet 2 Win / The Bump
"They weren't serious about taking away my paci, were they?"
Photo: Photo: Longs Photography Blog / The Bump
"Smell that? It's peas. And I HATE peas."
Photo: Photo: Canadian Family / The Bump
"So you're telling me that me and this guy next to me are gonna look alike .... forever?!?!"
Photo: Photo: Brighten Brighton / The Bump
"What did you just say to me?"
Photo: Photo: Dana Whitetelep / The Bump
"Smile? Smile? Yeah, I'll show ya a smile, alright!"
Photo: Photo: Andy Rants / The Bump