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9 Clever Laundry Time-Savers

Feel like all you do lately is wash, fold, repeat? Read on for smart products that’ll make laundry duty way more efficient.

Laundry Essentials Tote

Use this versatile, lidded container as a laundry basket to keep baby’s clothes and hypoallergenic detergents separate from the rest of the family’s laundry. Or keep the tote nearby while you fold so you can stock it back up with baby’s clean clothes—the customizable pop-up compartments are ideal for storing everyday essentials, from socks to onesies. Stash it right beneath your changing table. Also available in brown. $23,


FlipFOLD Jr. Laundry Folder

Do the KonMari Method proud and turn that messy pile of clothes into a neat, babyGap-worthy stack. The hinged plastic panels help you quickly fold shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and even pants and towels into uniformly sized squares that’ll take up less space in crowded drawers. Available in green and blue, $22,


Sock Cop Clips

Sorting and matching all those tiny baby socks can be a huge time waster. Use these smart clips to keep each pair together before tossing them in the hamper and they’ll stay matched through the washer, dryer and back into the drawer. Genius! $9 for a pack of 20,


Hampers Quad Everfresh Laundry Sorter

Presorting your loads is the ultimate time-saver—and this mobile hamper features four roomy removable bins so you can easily divide and conquer. Bonus: Environmentally-friendly enzymes built into the fabric can help reduce odors, no matter how bad the diaper blowout. $120, Neatfreak,


Fish Dryer Buddies

These cute little guys are serious multitaskers. Not only do they fluff fibers and cut down on wrinkles and static (letting you skip dryer sheets and fabric softener that could irritate baby’s sensitive skin), they also help keep items from balling up in the dryer to reduce overall drying time. $8 for 2,


DUO Small Drying Rack

Skip the time-consuming process of hanging items on an outdoor clothesline for this little rack. It’s ideal for hanging cloth diapers, swimsuits and other delicate baby clothes to dry. Available in blue, white and lime green, it folds up for easy storage. $25,


Clorox myStain app

Doing baby’s laundry is bound to introduce you to a whole range of new stains—from breast milk to baby food and everything in between. With this app, you can browse the library of stains to learn how to wipe out each type of mess, or even send “Dr. Laundry” a question right from your device. Free, iTunes or Google Play,


LG Washer and Dryer

This speed demon of a washer features high-pressure nozzles that’ll clean clothes up to 30 minutes faster than a standard machine. Another cool feature: the matching dryer’s dual-opening door. As you change a load from washer to dryer, pull it down, hamper-style, so no errant socks land on the floor; when you’re done, swing the door to the side to easily drop everything into the laundry basket. WT7700HVA washer, $1,199,, and DLEX5680V dryer, $1,199,

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