Amazing New Pregnancy ‘Belt’ Lets Dad Feel Baby Kick for the First Time (WATCH!)

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February 28, 2017
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Image: Photo Courtesy of Huggies

Pregnancy is a beautiful nine-month whirlwind adventure that, in the end, will completely change everything. But while baby’s busy cooking in mom’s belly, there can come a point where daddy-to-be feels a little left out. It’s not that we don’t want him to be part of the adventure every step of the way, it’s just that, quite frankly, it’s pretty tough to put into words all the amazing, unbelievable and brand new things happening inside your belly for a dude.

But now, there’s an answer for even that. Huggies has created the “Pregnancy Belt” as a way for dad’s to feel baby’s kick, in real time, as it’s happening. The belts come in both his and hers waistbands — one to fit mom and her growing tummy and one to fit dad. Whenever baby kicks in mama’s belly, feedback sensors send the sensation on over to daddy in the exact spot that baby kicks. Filmed in Spanish, the subtitles help reveal just how taken back dad is with the sensation of his little guy (or girl) moving around.

It’s a total tearjerker, so seriously: Prepare to melt. In honor of dads, moms and baby-to-be, check out these adorable dudes feeling baby’s movements in the own bodies, for the first time:

How amazing is this? Go, dads!

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