Are You Sharing Too Much About Baby Online?

When does sharing your proud-mama moments become TMI?
ByKristin Koch
January 30, 2017
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Sure, online communities (ahem, like The Bump) are great resources for support and advice. And even Twitter and Facebook can make a mom’s life easier (who has time to send every requester adorable photos in individual emails?). But sometimes, all the tweeting, picture posting, status updating and YouTube-ing can cross the line.

Is creating a YouTube video of your natural birth TMI? How about posting a nude pregnancy photo (think: Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair, except this is on your slightly less glamorous Facebook page)? What about tweeting your toddler’s potty-training highlights? Or publicly announcing your decision to have an abortion like this mom did?

We asked Bumpies to sound off on what they think is unacceptable when it comes to sharing (or oversharing) about baby online. Here’s what they had to say:

“It baffles me how some people will share all about their attempts to conceive and include their real name, location and picture. I mean, I really don’t need to know that your police officer husband [insert name here] from [insert town here] has a low sperm count and poor morphology, while your uterus tilts to the right and you’ve had four warts removed.”   —c4162

“I would never post my ultrasound pics online. It’s weird, and I want to keep those kinds of things just for the important people in my life.” —BeetleLinz1125

“My friend posted updates about her sick baby — and, of course we all felt bad for baby and momma both. But then she posted a picture of said baby, taken just after baby had puked all over — and I mean ALL OVER — herself. Gross! And the poor baby — can you imagine seeing that picture of yourself 15 years later?” —MerriLeeKate

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“I HATE the updates on how breastfeeding is going. That’s not a visual I want to have of any of my friends.” —barista221

“I told my family that I don’t want post-birth hospital pics of me or the baby on Facebook. My husband thinks I’m being weird about it, but I don’t want some random kid I went to high school with to see my new baby before my entire family has met him.” —LynsiBHM

“Several friends of mine who’ve recently had babies have made Facebook pages for their kids, which I think is ridiculous. There is no reason in the world why your three-month-old needs or should have his own social networking profile.” —meltoine

“Does the whole world need to know about how ‘little Suzie found her nostrils today’ or about how ‘little Jimmy found his “little Jimmy” today’? It’s totally unnecessary.” —erine12398

“It’s so low-class when people make their status updates things like ‘Don’t have a kid if…’ and ‘She’s such a headache’ or otherwise complain about their kids and parenthood.” —tinychefjackson


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