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Avoid Pregnancy Regret!

Pregnancy only lasts nine months – so what should you be sure to do while it lasts (other than to throw up in as few public places as possible?). We asked Bumpies if they could go back in time to before they got pregnant, what would they tell themselves. Here’s what they said.

“Ask for the nausea medicine right away!” — Laura W.

“Enjoy it!” — Melissa C.

“Take eating for two a little less seriously the first trimester. LOL” — Molly H.

“Prepare yourself for rude comments from ignorant people.” — Elena L.

“The first five months will be hell, brace yourself.” — _Angel S. _

“Enjoy sleeping in now, it will never happen again. Haha!” — Trista K.

 “And you thought those jeans made your butt look fat then…” — _Miranda C. _

“Don’t stress everything will turn out alright.” — Amy B.

“Exercise during pregnancy — I didn’t and I regret it now.” — Carah B.

“I would tell myself to spend more time with my husband. I may have been tired back then but I am way more tired now.” — Anna R.

“I worked until I was about 7 months along. If coworkers are willing to help with things, let them. Stubbornness will go nowhere.” — Mandi W.

“Drop that Little Debbie cake! Or cookie!” — Michele M.

“Stock up on more yoga pants and less maternity jeans. After the sixth month maternity jeans are unbelievably uncomfortable!” — _Melenie D. _

“Don’t try to prove a point by trying to be a stubborn superhero and overdoing it. Sit your butt down somewhere!” —_ Natasha P. _

“Not all jobs have paid maternity leave. You can have too many shoes but you can’t have enough time off with your baby. Save more money!” — Liz D.

“Take more cute pregnant photos!” — Keyla S.

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