Best Car Tunes for Rocking Out With Baby

Forget “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Moms gave us their favorite songs that keep them and their babies happy all the way to grandma’s house!
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By Meredith Franco Meyers, Contributing Writer
Updated March 2, 2017
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“Roar” by Katy Perry: Baby can ro-oh-oh-oh-oh-ar like a lion — and you can too (we know you want to). “My baby makes the funniest roaring sound when this song comes on. Gets her happy every time.” — Ali

“Happy” by Pharrell: The fast-paced beat and constant applause keep everyone entertained on a long car trip. “We all clap together in the car!” —_ Andy_

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk: With this tune, we know you’ll get lucky in the happy baby department. “My baby loves the robot noises too!” — Eliz

“Taxi” by Music for Aardvarks: Even if you don’t live in a big city, this one will keep things peppy and upbeat. “My baby loves waving her arms for her taxi driver. That’s me, her lifelong taxi driver!” — _Alexa _

“Anything” by The Ramones: Babies are just punk rock anarchists at heart after all. “I sometimes see my baby head banging through the rearview mirror.” — Danni

“I’m a Mess” (close second: “Buzz Buzz”) by The Laurie Berkner Band: These catchy modern kid classics beg to be sung along with. “Even though ‘I’m a Mess’ is more of a talking song, my son loves it because Laurie has such a great rhythm to her voice.” —_ Shannon_

“I Wanna Be a Jitterbug” by Karen K and the Jitterbugs: Trust us — it will make you want to be a, well, you know. “This is one of my son’s faves. It’s all about the swelling chorus. I sing along too!”  — Emily

“Feel This Moment” by Christina Aguilera and Pitbull: Feel this groove, mommy! “My daughter likes to sing, ‘I wanna feel this mommy!’ I love that” — _MJ _
  “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles: It’s a crowd favorite (well, at least the crowd that includes you and that sweet baby face in the backseat) and a tune you can both enjoy for years to come. “Whenever I yell, ‘Full speed ahead, Parker!’ my baby yells too.”  — Amy

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“Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett: Because nothing’s better than watching your babe rock out to, “I don’t really care if ya think I’m strange!” “I can really get into this one. I do a crazy rocker voice and my baby girl laughs at me.” -- Liz

“Baby Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes: “This song makes me so happy, and my baby loves to bop to the drum beat. Anything from the Motown era works in our car.” — Jane M

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