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Baby Musicians

Who knows, maybe one of these babies will be a Grammy winner someday! Check out the cutest photos of Bumpies’ musically inclined babies.

Guitar Hero

This little guy’s guitar is the perfect size for him! Super-cute. Submitted by Lauren B.

Photo: Lauren B. / The Bump

Pots and Pans

Who needs a drum set when you’ve got kitchenware? Submitted by Rebecca G.

Photo: Rebecca G. / The Bump

Little Drummer Girl

This tot’s got a cool, brightly colored drum. We want it! Submitted by Erin K.

Photo: Erin K. / The Bump


This baby’s favorite naptime spot? On a guitar. Submitted by Ashley B.

Photo: Ashley B. / The Bump

Beat It

Baby’s making some sweet beats on her drum. Submitted by Amanda A.

Photo: Amanda A. / The Bump

Future Violinist

We’re digging this kid’s form. Submitted by Andreana M.

Photo: Andreana M. / The Bump

Rockin’ ’Do

We don’t know what’s cooler: this little girl’s guitar or her awesome hair. We’ll call it a tie. Submitted by Rashida W.

Photo: Rashida W. / The Bump

Taking Notes

This tot is concentrating on learning some new chords. Submitted by Kristen C.

Photo: Kristen C. / The Bump

Good Vibrations

Whoa! Check out this little girl who’s all ready to play on a real drum set._ Submitted by Dominique C._

Photo: Dominique C. / The Bump
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