“Before I Had Babies, I Never Appreciated…”

No doubt about it – you love baby, but sometimes it’s nice to look back and reminisce…
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Updated February 28, 2017
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“My son destroys every room on every floor of my house, so I definitely never appreciated a clean house. Now, I have given up on the idea of actually keeping it clean.” — Danyielle K.

“I didn’t appreciate not having to know where everything is in my house at all times and also not being asked a hundred questions every morning before nine.” — _Kimberley  M. _

“I never appreciated how amazing life is, seeing my daughter experience the world for the first time makes me stop and look at things in a way I’ve never seen them before. It reminds me that the world is an incredible place and life can be full of those little moments.” — _Ashley R. _

“Waking up on my own! Not waking up to ‘Mommy, I leaked…’” — Kelly L.

“I never appreciated sleeping in and running errands by myself.” — _Chara R. _

“I miss staying out late and shopping without a schedule.” — Alan P.

“Going to the potty by myself!” — _Brandi H. _

“A long hot shower – it feels like forever and a day since I had one.” —Jessie T.

“I can make time for everything else I want to do, but sleep is just elusive!” — _Camille K. _

“My mom and grandma, definitely — now I know what they went through.” — _Rebecca T. _

“Being able to just go do something and not have to plan out naps and packing the diaper bag.” — _Nicole C. _

“I miss sitting down for a meal and actually getting to eat it in peace, without holding or feeding a baby.” — Jessica N.

“Definitely my body! Oh, to have that figure back – not that it was amazing, but it was better than I gave myself credit for!” —Tiffany H.

“Before I had babies I didn’t have that constant feeling of responsibility and worrying about them at all times.” —Femke M.

“Hot meals! I miss those.” — _Amber R. _

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