Best Advice Mom Ever Gave You

Okay, even though our moms sometimes drive us crazy with their backseat parenting, they do dish out some good advice every now and then. We’re compiling the ultimate list of best advice from our moms. Help us out by adding yours too!
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BySarah Yang
Mar 2017
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“Babies are washable!” — Amy G.

“She told me everyone eats a bucket of dirt by the time they’re 18 years old, so might as well get it done and over with now!” — _Katja D. _

“Yeah, you’re a first-time parent. But he’s a first-time baby. He won’t know the difference if you make mistakes.” — Rinny

“Find humor in everything!” — Cassie P.

“Sometimes your baby’s just gonna have to keep crying so you can pee.” — Kathryn M.

“Don’t be a worrywart. If it’s not a problem for you, then it’s not a problem.” — SB

“The mess will be there tomorrow, so spend time with your kids!” — JL

“When changing baby’s diaper, keep the ruffles on them out. It’ll keep the poop in!” — mlkauffman

“Mean what you say. If you make a ‘threat’ to your kids, you’d better follow through, even if it’s not ‘fun.’” — Meg D.

“Be patient, breathe and smile. Everything will always work out. Perhaps not how I picture it or want it to, but in the end it will come together how it is supposed to.” — Danielle P.

“Asking for and accepting help doesn’t make you a lesser person or parent.” — Sarah M.

“My mom said that I should follow my heart when it came to raising and teaching my child. A mother’s intuition is an individual feeling and your heart can tell you no wrong.” — Hannah P.

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