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A new and improved, all-in-one sound machine that helps build healthy sleep habits from day one.
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Published September 21, 2022
Hatch Rest 2nd Gen
Image: The Bump | Hatch
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And the Winner Is: Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Smart Sound Machine

Part of building baby’s ideal sleep environment is imitating the noises they grew accustomed to in utero. Contrary to popular belief, the womb can be a noisy place with the sounds of your heartbeat, digestive system and blood flow. Using a white noise machine can actually soothe baby and help them get better rest. Our favorite? The new Hatch Rest 2nd Gen Smart Sound Machine. Like the original, it boasts a nightlight with infinite color options; different sounds, such as white noise, the ocean, rain and a heartbeat and the beloved “time-to-rise” feature, which uses lights and sound to let your little one know that it’s time to get out of bed. But this latest and greatest model boasts a “time-for-bed” feature, in addition to an updated design with a dimmable LED clock and quick-access buttons for light and volume control.

What We Love

  • A plethora of sounds, colors and light intensities help you create the perfect sleep environment for your baby

  • “Time-to-rise” and “time-for-bed” features use different colors to teach little ones when to wind down for sleep and when to wake up

  • There’s a companion app that lets you remotely control and program the device right from your smartphone

Best Sound Machine

Hatch Rest 2nd Gen
Hatch Rest 2nd Gen
Image: Hatch
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