Best of Baby Winner for Best Swaddle

Take the stress out of swaddling with this simple, easy-to-use design.
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Updated September 21, 2022
Ollie swaddle
Image: The Bump | The Ollie World
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And the Winner Is: Ollie Swaddle

Parents have been swaddling their babies for generations—and with good reason. Wrapping baby up in a snug layer of fabric reminds them of being safely ensconced in the womb, keeping them cozy and calm. Plus, effective swaddling techniques help combat the Moro reflex (aka the startle reflex), which can interfere with baby’s sleep cycle. Unlike the old days, you no longer have to grapple with yards of fabric to swaddle baby. Modern designs like the Ollie Swaddle feature stretchy fabric and velcro fasteners for a secure fit in seconds. Believe us: The hype is warranted. Get yourself an Ollie, and take the stress out of swaddling.

What We Love

  • Velcro fasteners make securing your swaddle simple and allow you to achieve a snug fit that even the wriggliest babies can’t escape

  • It can be fastened with baby’s arms either inside or outside, depending on your child’s preference or age

  • Stretchy fabric allows for freedom of movement and healthy hip development, while still keeping your little one safely contained. Plus, patented moisture-wicking threads ensure baby won’t overheat at bedtime

  • An adjustable opening at the bottom allows for easy changing access, meaning you won’t have to unwrap baby in the middle of the night to swap out their diaper

“I used the Ollie with both my newborns and loved it. The Velcro makes it quick and easy to secure and adjust for your baby’s size. Middle-of-the-night diaper changes were a breeze, thanks to the gown-like design of the bottom, and it transitioned really smoothly once my babies were ready to sleep with their arms out—no extra arm holes or zippers to deal with. It’s pricey for a swaddle, but in my opinion, worth every penny.” - Ashlee Neuman, content director at The Bump

Best Swaddle

The Ollie Swaddle
The Ollie World baby swaddle
Image: The Ollie World
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