Boob Care Tips From An Expert

ByAnisa Arsenault
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March 2, 2017
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Breastfeeding? You’ll want to read this. And even if you’re still pregnant, guess what? You can start to battle sagging, soreness and stretch marks before baby even arrives. (Woo hoo!)  Sian Sutherland , co-founder of Mama Mio skincare products, offers some boob-soothing advice.

Perk those pecs – a safe exercise for all 3 trimesters

There are major muscles beneath your boobs (although they have a lot more coverage these days), and keeping them firm and fit can have a big impact on perkiness.

Wall push-ups: Stand 12 to 18 inches away from the wall and place your hands on the wall at shoulder height about six inches outside your shoulders. Lean in, bringing your face close to the wall, and then push back. Start with one set of 12 and if you’re up for more, go for it.

Super foods for super skin

Eating plenty of antioxidants in the form of brightly colored fruits and vegetables is important for baby, but it also shields your collagen from damage that diminishes the skin’s spring and elasticity. Vitamin C is a big one here (in fact, your skin can’t produce collagen without it), and beyond the obvious citrus fruits, you can also find mega-doses of it in guava, red peppers, green peppers, kiwi, strawberries, brussels spouts and cantaloupe.

Say no to swelling and sagging

Cabbage is an age-old secret to help soothe swollen boobs. Pregnancy Boob Tube uses an extract from cabbage and is rich in omegas, which are naturally depleted during pregnancy and nursing. It locks in hydration, elasticizes, strengthens and protects skin from sagging.

Find a good support system

Topical treatments alone can’t defy gravity, so wearing a good support bra is a powerful weapon for fighting sag (and helping relieve breast soreness). For extra insurance against droop, sleep in a light and supportive bra. Anything that helps prevent you from waking up from the weight of your boobs when you roll over is worth it.

What boob issues are you battling right now?

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