If Moms Talked to Each Other Like They Talk to Their Kids, This Is What It Would Sound Like

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By Cassie Kreitner, Senior Editor
Updated March 16, 2017
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Imagine what the conversation would be like if you combined Girls’ Night Out with an evening in with your toddler. If you’re picturing a mix of pouring wine and preaching about manners, you’d be right.

In a hilarious new video by sketch comedy group The BreakWomb, a trio of moms gets together to catch up, gossiping about good looking actors and recent shopping sprees. But rather than talking to each other using the words and tone you typically would with a friend, they carried out the conversation as if they were talking to their toddlers—and they totally nailed it.

Throughout the conversation, the moms interrupt each other in funny attempts to point out typical toddler habits like impatience (“Excuse me, Molly. I’m talking. You need to wait until I’m done and then you can talk. Okay?”), establishing rules (“Finish the wine that I already gave you, and then you can ask me for more and I will pour it for you.”), avoiding germs, sharing and basic manners.

While these grown-ups made it through their talk tantrum-free, the tongue-in-cheek video reveals that raising a toddler is full of teachable moments. And goes to show that toddlerhood is probably a good time to end the baby talk.

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