What Are Moms’ Biggest Breastfeeding Challenges (Infographic)

From breastfeeding in public to nursing into toddlerhood, here's how breastfeeding is viewed.
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ByCassie Kreitner
Senior Editor
Mar 2017
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Knowing that breastfeeding is best for baby is the easy part, but actually doing it exclusively for baby’s first six months of life (the recommended time by the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics)? Well, that’s the tougher part for moms—for lots of reasons. The good news? Moms have universally come a long way in recognizing the many benefits of breastfeeding, according to Lansinoh’s annual survey on the topic. The not so good news: moms are still facing challenges to breastfeeding, including prejudice or criticism for nursing in public.

Here, the top 6 takeaways:

Ninety-six percent of women worldwide said breastfeeding is the best way to feed their baby.

Twenty-five percent of US moms experienced prejudice or criticism for breastfeeding in public, compared to the 18 percent global average.

Eighty-seven percent of moms breastfeed because of the health benefits for baby.

The top breastfeeding fear of moms? Twenty-six percent worry baby won’t latch. The runner-up: Seventeen percent fear they won’t be able to breastfeed for the amount of time recommended by experts.

Nearly 75 percent of moms feel the ideal length of time to breastfeed baby is longer than six months. In reality, only 62 percent of women reach that goal.

What do Shakira and Kate Middleton have in common? They’re the most popular role models for moms.

Photo: Lansinoh

For more about how breastfeeding is viewed around the world, click here.

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