The Lowdown on Breastfeeding:We Asked, You Answered…

From nursing in public to weaning pressures, find out what thousands had to say on these topics and more in our latest breastfeeding poll.
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January 30, 2017
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Over the last few months, we polled thousands of women – some pregnant, some new moms, some who haven’t yet started their families, and even some who aren’t planning to – and asked them all to weigh in with their thoughts, experiences, and opinions when it comes to breastfeeding.

So what did we find? Turns out, most women polled agreed that BFing is just about the best thing a mama can do for her baby – and herself. (In fact, a whopping 73% of women felt this way.) But what really shocked us? Despite being considered so natural and beneficial, breastfeeding anywhere but home still makes some mamas think twice. Not only did 40% of new moms say they would only do it in public if absolutely necessary, but 23% refuse to do it at all! What’s more, 20% of non-moms answered “Eww, in private please!” when asked what they thought of public breastfeeding. Which begs the question: How can something most of us see as so “natural” still be considered so taboo and uncomfortable – especially by other women?

Read on for some other interesting factoids we unearthed…


On breastfeeding problems


-56% of first-time moms reported trouble BFing and 41% still had issues with Baby #2 and beyond.

-76% of mamas who had difficulty breastfeeding had help from a lactation consultant or coach in the hospital, while 19% still sought help from a professional lactation consultant after coming home.


On the pressure to breastfeed


-45% of moms feel women today are definitely pressured to breastfeed.


On weaning


-46% of women polled (and 54% of moms) think breastfeeding moms are pressured to wean before they’d like to.

-30% of all respondents feel the “right” age to wean baby is between 7 months and 1 year, while the largest percentage of moms (38%) think it should happen naturally when baby is ready.


On breast milk vs. formula


-79% of women polled felt that breast milk is healthiest for baby, while 19% believe formula to be just as healthy.

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