Bumpie Tip of the Week: Fun Outdoor Activities for The Family

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Mar 2017
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With summer in full swing, we bet you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to do with the family. Deciding on an outing that everyone will enjoy is a task in itself, and we think reading these suggestions from Bumpies may just be the key to keeping all family members happy. Read on, and then ditch the computer for some good ol’ fashioned Vitamin D!

  • “We like going for walks to the pond to watch turtles and ducks. We also love to swim!” — AKB906090
  • “Gathering the family together and heading to the lake for a day of swimming, sun and water sports.” — lavendersun
  • “We love going on walks. My daughter even ‘walks’ the dog.” — spencermor
  • "Sitting outside and watching [dear husband] and [daughter] play catch.  She’s two, so it generally consists of him tossing the ball in her direction. It hits her and she giggles; she runs it back to him and, standing about two inches away, drops it in his hand.  It’s the cutest thing ever, and comes with much laughter from all three of us! " — grace84
  • “We like going to the local playground. Baby is too small to play on his own, but he likes to sit in my lap on the swing and he giggles when we go down the slide together.” — HeartsOrBoots
  • “Our baby is still very young, so mostly we enjoy taking him outside and watching his excitement as the wind blows through his hair… he thinks it’s the coolest thing!”—_ jewels37_
  • “A bike ride to the ice cream parlor.” — sj+cm311
  • “We love going for walks, bike rides, swimming, sitting around the fire pit and taking [little one] on the swings.” — mwalker017
  • “Walks and ladderball tournaments!” — kaypec09
  • “Looking for flowers!” — genromeo
  • “We love going camping as a family. Having the free reign to run all over and discover new bugs/flowers/trees is great fun.” — xanthebella
  • “There is a splash pad right down the street from our house; we all love going there! Definitely our favorite activity this summer.” — blondntexan
  • “We use our sprinkler and kiddie pool in our backyard daily. Anything outdoor- and water-related and [dear daughter] is all over it. We also like to splash in rain puddles.” — pinkstudyin
  • “I’m thinking about buying a sand pit for [dear son] when he is a little older (i.e. stops putting everything in his mouth). He loves to be outside!” — DaryaN
  • “Going to the lake and relaxing on the boat.  This will be our first summer to-do that with baby!” —whipplem7

What are your favorite outdoor activities to do with your family?

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