Bumpie Tip of the Week: Money-Saving Tips for New Moms!

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June 27, 2017
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Yiiiiiikes — are you starting to feel the cost of having a baby? It’s something that takes some major adjustments in the ways you spend (and save!). Bumpies on the Babies: 3-6 Months board shared some of their postbaby money saving tips:

“I cook in really large batches and freeze for future meals (one massive pot of spaghetti lasts 6-8 meals) this cuts down on food costs by buying bulk and preventing us from eating convenience foods which cost more. Make these large meals based on what is on sale to further lower food costs. Stock up on sale items!” — LeeB*

“Get rid of some of your TV/cable package… seriously! Pretty soon you will not be able to watch your shows anyway. We have just basic and subscribe to Netflix.” — karadenisereid

“Take advantage of free kid activities in your city. We go to the library a lot because they have twice weekly story time and an awesome play area. Use rec locations and parks, too.” — pohhbear23412

“I coupon a lot more since becoming a mom — there are new ones almost daily (diapers/wipes/formula as well as household supplies).” — ashcody2

“Another thing to do that may save money is actually go through your bills. Look at your cable bill and the services and ask yourself, can I cut any? Look at the cell phone bill, can you change plans to save money? Can you refinance any debt to lower interest paid without extending the length of loan? Ask your insurance agent if there is a way to lower that bill without sacrificing coverage? Talk to credit card companies about lowering interest rates. Do you have any automatic charges to your accounts for services you may not using anymore?” — rariese

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“We save up and pay cash for everything so we don’t have to pay interest or build up debt.” — tilsonc

“My #1 tip is: don’t eat out!” — JSS1002

“One of the biggest ways to save: get rid of your fancy phone plan!” — tig594

“If you buy Organic, don’t buy EVERYTHING organic — just what you need. Saves lots of money.” — karendpink6

“Everything we buy is heavily researched to find the best then we wait until it is on sale.” — lezlie239

*Some names have been changed.

What are your money-saving new mama tips? Share them with us!

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