Bumpie Tip of the Week: What Will Your First Meal After Baby Be?

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Updated January 30, 2017
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Everyone dreams about it… that moment when you can eat (almost) everything again once baby is out. Yum! Bumpies on the 2nd Trimester community board are already fantasizing about the first forbidden bite (or sip!). Check out their plans to binge after baby (their ideas are making us drool):

“After I have my child I would LOVE some sushi. Excuse me. I mean like 3 platters of sushi.” -- ImaniJ5*

“I want an ice cold beer!” — KrystalD

“I want steamed crabs and shrimp with tons of old bay… and a cold cut sub.” — rottler

“I would love to have a nice glass of Sangria! I have a bottle chilling waiting to be popped!” — mrsjjohnson201

“A whole lot of rum with my OJ. Or maybe I’ll just skip the OJ…” — milkergirl

“Cabbage rolls and a black iced tea lemonade!” — GeeksWithSqueak

“I want a salami sandwich.” — Meggiemuggin

“Tall glass of chilled Moscato with assorted cheeses, fresh fruits, and dark chocolate. Yes, I want a full scale wine tasting!” — PandasMama062

“I want a nice glass of raw milk… and some wine.” — Runaway22

“I want a freakin’ cheeseburger!” — jahjbmr

“I will definitely be wanting something spicy since it’s not an option right now with this horrible heartburn!” — areadinger

“I want an Italian hoagie!” — jannv11

“All I want is a nice big fat medium rare steak!!!” — jvath2012

“Since I have diabetes, and for about 24 hours after birth you are ‘not diabetic,’ I am having red velvet cake! As much as I want!” — Robbie5249

“A bagel with lox!” — millercr621

“I want runny eggs! I’d like a burger with a sunnyside up egg.” -- nafilo

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“Chinese food like shrimp and fried rice. A very large chocolate cake. Coffee with Irish Bailey Cream.” — ba23ba02

“I will be having a dirty martini with 3 olives and a Filet Mignon that is so rare, it could put up a good fight on my plate.” — Dub0Saturn

And for the (major) win…

“Entry fee to see my baby at the hospital will be a foot-long (yes I WILL eat all 12 inches) turkey sub with provolone on Italian herbs and cheese from Subway loaded with veggies and with ranch dressing. Then a side of a spicy salmon roll and a rainbow roll. Oh, then I would LOVE to wash it down with an ice cold Guinness…” —ChevyFam717


*Some names have been changed.

Tell Us: What will be your first treat post-baby?

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