Bumpies Share Their Clever Money-Saving Tips

Looking for new ways to cut back on your spending? We love these helpful (and clever!) money-saving tips and tricks that Bumpies shared on our  message boards. Need more budgeting advice? Visit the  Money Matters message board on The Nest. Tell us, what are your favorite ways to save money?
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Feb 2017
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Plan your family's meals

“One of the biggest money savers for us has been menu planning. I bought a funky picture frame at a yard sale, painted the inside with chalkboard paint and now keep a running dinner menu for the week. This helps me budget my groceries without buying excess food. It also keeps us from eating out as often.” -AprilRaine

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Track your spending

“For three months, my husband and I wrote down every penny that we spent in a book we kept in the kitchen. It helped us see where we were spending money that we didn’t need to be spending, and it also made me re-think purchases that I wouldn’t have given a second thought to if I didn’t have to go home and write it down.” –manda42

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DIY baby wipes

“I make my own baby wipes: I cut a paper towel roll in half, add about 4 or 5 squirts of baby oil and 3 or 4 squirts of baby soap and fill with water.” -Wife07Mom09

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Make your own baby food

“I’ll be making my own baby food from fruits and veggies by steaming, pureeing and freezing. It’s healthier and less expensive than the jars.” –ChevyFam717

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Consider cloth diapers

“Consider cloth diapers. You can cloth diaper a baby from birth to potty for roughly a third of the cost of disposables (or cheaper). You can then diaper a second child for free, or sell the diapers for roughly half of your start-up. They’re much easier than they ever were before!” -Tjkdlhb

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Start couponing

“If nothing else, couponing makes you so aware of prices. It takes a little extra work, but there are coupon sites that do all the research for you — other than the clipping!” –cathom7

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Shop around

“For toys and furniture items, shop around based on consumer reviews. Then compare prices on multiple sites. And search for coupons before jumping the gun.” -Cmurphy09

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Compare your options

“Check to see if your local library has any free activities. Ours has a free weekly class that is just like the Gymboree-type classes that cost a ton.” -Funkymonkeyohyeahhh

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Bargain shop

“Even if Craigslist isn’t your thing, people often advertise their yard sales in the baby section and what big items they’ll be selling. I’ve gotten an $150 high chair for $40! Most of the stuff is plastic and easily cleaned, and there’s a lot of stuff on Craigslist that’s practically new (kids outgrow things so fast). I wish I would have done this sooner!" -PotomacSt

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Wait before paying full-price

“Go to consignment shops or outlet malls at the end of seasons. I got a ton of great summer buys from Carter’s for my daughter in multiple sizes from 6 months - toddler marked 60% off!” -Cmurphy09

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Stalk online sales

“Sign up to receive emails from your favorite online websites. I shop the sales at Gap, Gymboree and Old Navy. On Nordstrom.com, I sort by less than $25 and look at what’s on sale. I’ve gotten good deals this way.” -IrishSapphire

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