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Q&A: Can I Talk My Wife Into Weaning?

My wife is still breastfeeding our toddler (he's two and a half), and I think it's wearing on our marriage. I'd like my wife back. Is it normal for her to keep this up? Can I talk her into weaning?

In many families, mothers and their toddlers share a close bond, and it’s not unusual for fathers to sometimes feel left out. This can happen whether the toddler is breastfeeding or not. Rather than putting your wife in the difficult position of having to choose between two of her favorite people, it might be a better strategy to work on developing a closer relationship with your toddler to help expand his horizons. As his father, you can strive to be a bridge between mom and the larger world. And two and a half is the perfect age to start. If you can help your toddler feel more comfortable with you and venture beyond your wife’s orbit more often, it’ll set the stage for making your toddler more comfortable with others and for you getting more alone time with your wife.

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