Creative Ways to Celebrate a New Dad

Okay, so maybe you’ll get your favorite new dad a gift — but here’s what else you can do to show him how awesome he is. (No, not that…)
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Updated March 2, 2017
Happy dad holding up baby in his arms at home.
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Give him quality time with baby…
“I’m planning an entire day of just daddy and baby,” says ennlovesrandy05*. “This is coming from a stay-at-home mom whose husband has class three nights a week and works late the other two weeknights.”

…Or if he’s overworked, give him the day off
If you’re on the other end of the spectrum, and your guy has been logging in lots of daddy duty and could use a break, consider planning a dude day for him. “I was thinking of setting up some time with his friends, to go to a movie or go rock climbing,” says erinms.

“I’m going to book him a tour of the local microbreweries for him and his buddy,” says Kacie.

Schedule date night
Who says you have to do a family brunch? Face it — you guys could both probably use an evening to yourselves — and some romance afterwards. “I’m thinking of a date night with sexy time,” says jennb12.

Plan a sweet story time
Sometime dads feel slighted because of all the mommy-centric books out there. Gift him with Just Me and My Dad by Mercer Mayer, Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz, or some other book that focuses on dad. And leave the room. “He loves reading them daddy books,” says Telyco, of her partner.

Make a personalized present
“I’m taking pictures of my son dressed like daddy and playing with golf balls and clubs,” says Telly21182. Here’s another cute idea: Have every family member hold up a sign that says why they love daddy, and take photos. Then put them all in a frame decorated with the phrase, “We love you because…”

Pamper him
You’re not the only one who gets stressed. Get him a spa package especially for a man — some even offer ones meant for new dads. A massage and a man-mani may rejuvenate him. Or if you want to go more traditional, try this: “I’m going to gift him a shave; Art of Shaving does them, but I’ll probably send him to a family friend’s old fashioned barber shop for the full treatment,” says NotJustAnAuntie.

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Plan a family day
“We’re going to a NASCAR race that day so he gets a fun day out,” says Bcbscorp.

“I think we are going to go to the zoo or children’s museum,” says kittylove.

Go old school
Remember when you were a kid and you gave your parents coupons for things like chores and hugs? This totally works in your grown-up life too. Give him coupons for diaper-pail emptying or foot rubs. “I’m going to find someone to mow the lawn for the rest of the summer because he is so busy and it means more time with the baby,” says bugsie24.

*Some usernames have been changed.

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