4 Celebrity Moms We Love to Hate

They’re photographed everywhere they go and sometimes, what they’re doing isn’t the safest – or the most mom-friendly. From clogging Instagram with selfies of their postbaby body and making headlines for their ATV-antics, these are the most famous moms Bumpies seem to loathe.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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Gisele Bundchen

Gisele seems like a great mom to baby Vivian and big brothers Benjamin and John (Tom Brady’s son from a previous relationship), but we’ve got to admit that we’re not devout followers of everything the supermodel mama says and does. We totally support breastfeeding baby for as long as possible (the benefits are awesome!), but when Gisele called for a nationwide law requiring moms to nurse for at least baby’s first six months and said, “Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?” her comments were a little too judgmental for our tastes.

Kim Kardashian

Okay, it’s less about what the reality TV star says and more about what she does that makes us envy her high-profile life. Wouldn’t it be nice to hop a plan to Versailles, then to Paris and finally Milan to take in every fashion show, like she does? (If only!) But the trade-off for that type of lifestyle is definitely one we’d gladly pass up on. We’ll be the first to admit that Kiki’s buzzed about pregnancy and journey into new motherhood revealed a softer, more lovable and maternal side to the star, but super-revealing photos of her postbaby body and taut tummy left us shaking our heads in disappointment. It’s not all about looks, Kim!

Gwyneth Paltrow

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or not — everybody has an opinion when it comes to her website, Goop! The mama of two has seen her fair share of backlash when it comes to her comments on parenting, like the fact that she _only _lets her children watch TV in French or Spanish and commenting how “every woman can make time to work out — even with her baby in the room.” The truth is that some moms just don’t have time, as much as they wish they did; or that they’d rather spend time chasing after their baby than grueling away on the StairMaster for 25 minutes. And don’t get us started on her pricey product picks!

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Tori Spelling

The 90210 star graced the cover of Us Weekly in an itty-bitty bikini just months after giving birth to her four child, baby boy Finn. Moms everywhere were smitten with her stunning postbaby body appearance, hopeful that with enough hard work, they’d look just as good as Spelling. Later Tori came clean about the cover shoot, revealing she’d starved herself to shed the pounds and that she’d lied about her strict, mom- and baby-friendly family workouts. In her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, she said that she played along with the lies because she didn’t want to be the “a-hole that didn’t work for it.” Turns out she became the Hollywood mom that women _couldn’t _trust — or admire.

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